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[ 0 ] May 4, 2010 | Noah Hutton

digest_graphicHow Nerve Cells Distinguish Odors: Whether different odors can be quickly distinguished depends on certain synapses in the brain that inhibit nerve stimulation. Researchers have shown that mice in which a certain receptor in the olfactory center is missing can distinguish similar smells more quickly than mice without genetic manipulation. This behavior was directly attributed to inhibitor loops between adjacent nerve cells.

Merely Seeing Disease Symptoms May Promote Aggressive Immune Response: Just seeing someone who looks sick is enough to make your immune system work harder, according to a new study in which volunteers looked at pictures of sick people.

How Chimps Deal with Death: Two studies in the April 27th issue of Current Biology offer rare glimpses into the ways that chimpanzees deal with the deaths of those closest to them. In one case, researchers describe the final hours and moment of death of an older female chimp living in a small group at a UK safari park as captured on video.

Musician Plays Violin as Surgeons Operate on his Brain: Video and article from ABC News.

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream, Perchance to Remember: Researchers at Harvard Medical School have shown that people who are trained to navigate a virtual maze learn the best route through it more quickly if they dream about their experiences.

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