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PODCAST: The Magic Forest

[ 2 ] August 22, 2010 | Noah Hutton
This month we’re proud to feature a conversation with British artist Andrew Carnie, whose work explores scientific themes and the representation of the self through scientific imagery. We’re also featuring an exclusive online gallery of his work.

Carnie often creates pieces that are time-based in nature, involving 35mm slide projections onto complex screen configurations.

His latest project, Dendritic Forms, which is currently showing at the GV Art Gallery in London, is a body of work that investigates the visual motifs of trees and organic matter that is mirrored within the human brain. In the darkened gallery space, layered images appear and disappear on suspended screens, suggesting a narrative of the brain itself. In this edition of the podcast, Noah Hutton interviews Carnie about his personal interest in the brain, his thoughts on his own art, and the nature of the current dialogue between the arts and brain sciences. Total runtime: 29:20


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  1. [...] artist Andrew Carnie, the focus of this month’s Beautiful Brain Podcast, often creates work that is time-based in nature, involving 35mm slide projections onto complex [...]

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